I've had a passion for all things creative for as long as I can remember. School holidays were spent at my grandmother's house where I would spend hours creating things from her collection of lace, ribbons, buttons and beads. Now I have my own collection of treasures, waiting to be turned into something wearable and unique. 
I love creating a three dimensional shape or capturing a mood inspired by mythology or nature. I use wrapped and woven wire or thread in many of my designs, to create undulating shapes, or garlands that resemble flowers and foliage. Some of my pieces use copper and silver which I hammer and forge using traditional metalsmithing techniques and tools, often pushing the boundaries by including resin and mixed media elements.
My sketchbook is an important resource and a constant source of inspiration. The challenge of transforming a drawing or watercolour sketch into a piece of wearable art is a creative puzzle that I find endlessly fascinating.
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Valerie Jones bead artist
Valerie Jones
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About me